A Regionals - instructions for entries

Posted by Frisco Amateur Summer Swim Team on Jul 04 2018 at 04:57AM PDT

“A” regional instructions for entries

A regionals and state are different than than the circuit meets, different sessions for 11 and older and 10 and under, also, they have swim officials that look at stroke violations, your child could have the 2nd fastest “breast stroke" in his/her age group, but it could be illegal, our coaches know this when making relays. Only Top 8 in each event get awards. We think the top 5 in each event will qualify for state, will not know for sure until the meet begins. That’s how we send so many kids to state.

Session 1 – ages 11 and older: warm-ups at 7:00 AM, meet begins at 8:00 AM

Session 2 – ages 10 and under: warm-ups at 1:00 PM, meet begins at 2:00 PM

”A” regional individual entries are due before 10 PM on Saturday, July 7th. Please enter them online, and make sure we have the A/B/State form. Please follow the entry guidelines below. If they get an “A” time at the meet on Saturday, turn in a form to the Volunteer table before you leave the meet, plus $10 late fee, if it is your 1st time to turn one in.

Allen Swim Meet – if your best time was at Allen for an individual event – please e-mail Coach Trent (I only got a pdf copy, and I can look up the time to verify) Need swimmers name/age group/event and time.

2017 “A” Regional entry guidelines – please go to your age group below and read and then re-read again.

Swimmers in individual events must have qualifying “A” Regional times (this is for all ages 14 and under) We need everyone that is going to “A” and /or State to do this on or before 10 PM on (Saturday, July 7th). The coaches can’t put together the relays until all entries are in.

Ages 5-6: 3 events (25 free, 25 back, and 100 free relay).

Sign up for both 25 free and 25 back, if your swimmer has an “A” time in both. Please do this before 10 PM on Saturday, July 7th. Then we build “A”, “B”, etc., free relay teams with the FASST kids that are going to State. You are the lucky ones, they only have 3 events, 2 of them are individual, you either qualify in them or not, thus you can do up to 2 individual events and possibly a relay. The computer picks the FASSTest 4 for “A” relay, then next 4 FASSTest for “B”, etc.

Ages 7-8, 9-10: 3 total events at Regionals and State (1 individual event and 2 relays) for kids going to both “A” regional and state. Register online for (1) individual event and coaches will put them in 2 relays. Contact Coach Trent to discuss the options of having 2 individual events and 1 relay. This may be possible if your swimmer has an individual event time that would have finished in the top 8 last year and would like to do 2 individual events and 1 relay. Most kids like to do both relays, for the team fun and atmosphere, and sometimes they can finish in the top 8 in both relays. If you are not going to State, then register for 2 individual events for “A” regionals before 10 PM on Saturday, July 7th, as long as they are both “A” times. Please follow this, yes only 2 individual events if you are not going to state. The kids going to state, 95% of them only swim 1 individual event. If you put in more than 2, the system will knock one of them out. It sucks, but we have done this for 21 years.

Ages 11-12, 13-14, 15-17 – they can do 4 total events (2 individual and 2 relays), pick 2 individual events, Coaches will assign swimmers on relays, but only if you are going to State. If you are not going to State, then sign up to (3) individual events for “A” regionals before 10 PM on Saturday, July 7th. All the kids going to state are doing only 2 individual events at “A” regionals. It sucks, but we have done this for 21 years.

18 and over – can do as many events as you want. Cost is $7 per event at regionals and $7 per event at State, please make check out to FASST and give to Coach Trent, he sets up all the relays for regionals and state, for the 18 and older’s.

1st draft of “A” regionals. We will send out a 1st draft of the entries (individual and relays) for “A” regionals on Sunday, July 8th, around 3:00 PM. Once this is sent out, if you have any changes, please let us know before 10:00 PM on Sunday, July 9th. We have to turn in the A Regionals entries on Monday, July 10th. Again, in most cases, we do not put kids on relays (ages 14 and under) that can’t make it to the state meet, they do not let us change relay teams from A Regionals to State.

Next week, we will have all kids doing relays at “A” regionals come to the evening practice on Wednesday, July 11th, and Thursday, July 12th, to practice with their relays. 6:45 PM for all 10 and under’s, 7:45 PM all 11-17 year olds.

If you have any questions, please reply to:


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