2021 FASST Summer Swim Team

Posted by Frisco Amateur Summer Swim Team on Mar 23 2021 at 01:57PM PDT

2021 Summer Swim Team Registration – Sign-ups start Wednesday at Please read the VERY important information below, before registering.

• Early registration for non-team members will results in loss of partial refund, (read more below)
OPEN TO PUBLIC: April 11 (if spots remains available – first come first serve)

Registration for returning members only from Wednesday, April 7th until Saturday, April 10th: if you have been on the FASST summer team before or currently in Stroke clinics, you can register starting on Wednesday, April 7th until Saturday, April 10th at 10:00 PM. After Saturday, April 10th, if there are any spots open, we will open registration to the public. As COVID restrictions ease, we might be able to add more swimmers. However, FISD currently is only allowing us to have half the swimmers we had in previous years.

Things will be a little different in 2021. We will have fewer kids than usual, our swim meets will be smaller (which means the meets will not be an all-day event). We will still practice (Mon-Thurs) and swim meets (on Saturdays, maybe (1) Friday), plus regionals and TAAF is planning on having the State meet.

All registration for 2021 Swim Team will be done online. We are not having a REGISTRATION DAY this year, all registrations will be done online. We will have (2) Equipment pick-up days: (Saturday, April 24th and again on Saturday, May 8th) at the FISD pool. These days are only for those who need to get sized for either a suit, fins, kick boards, goggles and swim cap. The fee for the 2021 will be lower than in past years, but will not include a suit, t-shirt, or meet fees. If you need a suit, kick board, fins, goggles or a swim cap, we will send out a link to a site for ordering the equipment.

2021 FASST Summer Swim Team Information:
FEE: $250 per swimmer, everything else is add ons.
Circuit Meets fees: $3.00 per event, per swimmer (new for all teams)
Regional Meet fees: $5.00 per event, per swimmer (new for all teams)
State Meet fees: $7.00 per event, per swimmer (new for all teams)

2021 FASST Summer Swim Team practices begin on Monday, May 24th (Mon-Thur), season ends July 17, for all swimmers not going to the State Swim Meet. Regionals will be July 16 and 17 in Frisco. State will be July 29th – August 1st in Corpus Christi, TX

Practice Times: We will let you know how to schedule your practice time, after the registration is complete. We need to see the numbers of ages signed up, then we will inform you on how to schedule your practice time.

Morning Practice Times: either (9, 10 & 11) or (10 & 11)
Evening Practice times: 6:45 & 7:45

Parents in Stands: This is fluid, and could change week to week, we know that USA swimming doesn’t allow parents in the stands for practices or meets. We are going to allow some parents for the meets (just not sure how many yet, maybe 1 parent per kid, maybe more, maybe less), plus the volunteers (timers, runners, ready bench, etc.). Every host for meets will have different scenarios, we will let you know, when we know. A sure way to see your child swim is to volunteer for the meet!

Please read, if you are NOT a returning FASST swim team member from past years, or not currently in stroke clinics and register before April 10th, we will refund only $200.00 of your $250.00. Yes, that will be a $50.00 fine for registering earlier than you are supposed to. If/when we are able to add additional swimmers, you will have to register at full price again.

We have never had a limit on how many swimmers we can register for our team, but last year we didn’t get to swim, and unfortunately, we do not make the rules. My hope is that everyone who wants to swim can get registered for our 2021 team, and things will open up as the weeks get closer. If you do not get registered in time, please, please do not get mad at me, and please, make sure you add your swimmer to the wait list, as it will be done ( on a 1st come 1st serve). This is out of my control and I do not get to set the numbers.

Coach Trent