May Swim Camp - canceled Monday, May 10 and Tuesday, May 11

Posted by Trent Emmons on May 10 2021 at 10:47AM PDT

May Swim Camp for tonight Monday, May 10 and Tuesday, May 11th are cancelled.

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IMPROVISE, ADAPT and OVERCOME – we all have been doing this.

Just got.a call from the FISD Natatorium, the water is back in the pool (750,000 gallons). It is greenish, maybe from from the city water, not sure. They will chlorinate it today to fix it. But it should take (2) days to clear it up, and then the water hopefully will be back to normal.

So if you are signed up for the 25 yard swim test tonight or tomorrow night, please sign up for Wednesday or Thursday or next week. If none of this works out out for you, we will do it at your practice time when the 2021 FASST Summer Swim Team begins practices on Monday, May 24th. No worries, we are starting our practices on May 24th, which is one week earlier than almost all the other teams in Texas. Most teams begin after Memorial Day, so they start on June 1st.

We have 3 options for everyone who paid and registered for the May Swim Camp. Remember that the FASST summer swim team practices begins on May 24th.

Option #1 – If we begin on Wednesday, we will have a sign up for all swimmers in the Mon/Wed or Tue/Thu class to pick (1) extra class, since you are only missing one class (it would have to be opposite day you are signed up for now) – EXAMPLE, if you are in Mon/Wed you can pick (1) Tue/Thu class to attend, and vice versa. I will put the sign up sheet up later this week, depending if we swim this Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

Option #2 – If Wednesday and Thursday is cancelled, then all swimmers can swim all 4 nights next week. Most of our coaches are college swimmers, and they will all be here next week (this is their last week of college), so we will have enough coaches, and plenty of lanes to handle everyone all 4 nights.

Option #3 – if you can’t do any of the above, you can get a refund for the May Swim Camp. Either (1) a full refund if you can’t do option 1 or option 2. or (2) half refund, if you can only do (2) nights next week. If you would like one of the refunds above, e-mail Coach Trent with your child’s name/age and if they were doing Mon/Wed or Tue/Thu.

Note: We will not do any refunds, until we find out about the rest of the week. So talk it over with you family and do what is best for you.

So sorry for all of this, but we are improvising, adapting and trying to overcome as best as we can. We are all READY to get in the water.


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