FASST 25 yard swim test information

Posted by Trent Emmons on May 17 2021 at 03:26PM PDT

FASST 25 yard swim test information

We will do them on their 1st practice starting the week of May 24th.

So sorry, we normally have FASST Summer Swim Team registration and tryouts in February each year. That didn’t happen, so we tried for May Swim Camp, now we are going to do it the swimmers 1st day of practice. And normally, parents are at the natatorium for the tryouts. But we will get thru it.

Here is how it will go.

1. We will bring them in the pool at practice time (be there 10-15 minutes early).

Have them in suit, any kind, goggles, plus the equipment (fins, kick board, etc)

2. We will take them away from other swimmers, so it will be less obstruction.

3. We will be very, very, very patient

4. They swim 25 yards, any way they want to (free style, back stroke, dog paddle, kick on back, etc)

5. If they do not make it, we will bring them back out to parents, about 15-20 minutes after their practice time begins.

6. If they pass, they will stay with the practice group.

7. some might not even get in the water. If it is possible this week, you can go to the FAC, or another pool, and practice before if they are afraid, or just not interested, we can’t flip the switch and if we try to force them, it usually never works out (for that day). Be a calming force, before they come.

8. it can be frightening for a little one, to come in this large natatorium for the 1st time.

If they do not pass,

1. they can still try again, and again

2. many who do not make it the 1st time, will make it the 2nd time

3. several of our former swimmers, who turned out to be college swimmers, did not pass the swim test on their 1st time.

Our goal is for everyone to join the team, a summer of swim team, and they are little fish. And swimming is a life long sport. Doesn’t mean they have to swim high school or college, but if you are around the lake or pond, or a neighborhood pool. It is important to be able to handle yourself in the water.


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