FASST Times 5/22/21

Posted by Trent Emmons on May 22 2021 at 10:46AM PDT

FASST Times 5/22/21 information on (practice)

& equipment purchase and or pick up (see below)

. FASST begins practice on Monday, May 24th at the FISD/Bruce Eubanks Natatorium, we are ready for you. Please drop the kids off 10 minutes early. All swimmers not needing to do the swim test, will go in the front door. All swimmers doing the 25 yard swim test, please meet at the middle door (your parents can walk you up).

DISCLAIMER – day (1) practice is always organized chaos, please be patient.

Things you need to know (some of these rules will lighten up after June 4th)

1. Wear a mask

2. We will check all swimmers temperature

3. No parents inside the building (this might change after June 4th, keep your fingers crossed)

4. If your kid is doing 25 yard swim test, wait outside about 15 minutes, if they pass

they will join there group, if not, we will bring them back outside.

5. Have suit on, bring goggles, fins, kick board and a towel. (be ready to go)

. Equipment pick up – We still had about 25 families that have not picked up swim equipment they ordered on April 24 and May 8th. We were going to bring some last week or this week to the swimmers who were doing May Swim Camp, but now that is not an option. So you have (2) choices (see below). If you can come on Sunday, please do, it will help all of us out. If not, come on Monday, May 24 before 20-30 minutes before your practice time (make sure we know what you are picking up and sizes – if you wait till Monday or after), we are going to the bring size you asked for, we can’t bring all the equipment to practice. That takes many cars and volunteers, etc., etc

1. We are going to do it, on Sunday May 23rd at our storage unit from 6-8 PM.

Storage unit – is Cube Smart on Corner of Coit/College near Centennial

High School. address is 12300 College Pkwy, Frisco TX 75035

Did I mention: If you can come on Sunday, please do, it will help all of us out.

2. If you can’t come on Sunday, we will do it before your practice time on Monday, May 24th. Arrive 20 minutes before your practice begins, especially if you are getting a suit or fins.

Other dates coming up. I will send out detailed e-mails on this.

1. Pool will be closed on Memorial Day – Monday, May 31st

2. Our 1st swim meet is on June 5th at Carrolton – not advised for new swimmers, outdoors, and water is usually cold, plus they have a limit on the number of swimmers that can come.

3. 2nd Swim meet is on June 12 at Frisco – FASST swim team only

4. Did I mention, if you can pick up equipment tomorrow night, from 6-8, please do so.


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