FASST Parents Code of Conduct

Posted by Trent Emmons on Jun 02 2021 at 06:19AM PDT

We are now allowing parents into the practices. But before you enter, please read and re read the FASST Parents Code of Conduct below. We want to represent FASST, the City of Frisco and your children in the utmost positive way. The role of parents is critical to the success of FASST.

FASST Parents Code of Conduct

The FASST program is a non-profit, volunteer-staffed organization that offers recreational swimming instruction for the youth in our community. The FASST program strives to provide a safe, enjoyable environment in which our participants can maintain physical fitness through swimming. Swimmers also have the opportunity for team and individual competition through circuit, regional and state meets.

The role of parents is critical to the success of the FASST program, both through volunteer service and positive behavior. By participating in the FASST program, parents agree to abide by the following code of conduct:

Fulfill your volunteer obligation willingly, knowing that the effort you put forth will directly impact your child’s FASST experience.

*Keep in mind that FASST is a recreational sports program with an emphasis on developing swimming skills and having fun. Although competition is a routine aspect of sports activities, do not make winning the primary goal for you or your child.

*Support your child and his/her team in a positive manner. Cheer for your child and his/her team, not against the opposing swimmer or team. Offensive language and profanity is prohibited during FASST events.

*Always show respect for coaches, officials, volunteer workers, swimmers and other parents/fans.

*Parents are NOT allowed on deck at practices or at swim meets, unless they are volunteering at a swim meet.

*It is the parents responsibility to get their swimmer to the “ready bench” on time for their event at a swim meet.

*Leave the coaching to the coaches. Please remain seated in the designated spectator areas during practices and meets and do not distract the coaches or your child while swimming.

*If you desire to discuss a coaching issue regarding your child, please approach the head coach only between practice sessions. Because practice sessions are scheduled with no intermission, an appointment with the head coach before or after practice may be required for a discussion with the coach.

*The head coach will assemble relay teams for regional and state meets. The assembly of relay teams will be based on swimmers’ times and coach’s discretion. The coach’s decision should be honored by swimmers and parents.

*Follow the regulations set forth at all swim facilities including FISD rules. Assume all swim facilities to be tobacco-free zones. No alcohol may be consumed on swim facility premises. Pets are generally not allowed at any of the swim facilites.

*Be proactive with your child’s safety. Children that are not participating at swim practices or meets must be supervised at all times. Wet surfaces in the pool area can be dangerous.

*Suggestions or comments regarding the program may be addressed with Coach Trent or a FASST board member.

The FASST board is always seeking ways to improve the swim program, and creative ideas are always welcome. If you have constructive criticism regarding the FASST program, please also offer a possible solution for the issue. The FASST program fosters a family atmosphere and expects excellence in behavior at swim practices and meets. In the event that prohibited behavior by an individual warrants inquiry as determined by designated board members, a meeting may be scheduled between the involved individual and designated board members in an effort to resolve the issue. Probation or suspension from the FASST program may be considered for an individual if the offense is significant.