Regional/State forms due on or before Tuesday, June 29

Posted by Trent Emmons on Jun 22 2021 at 07:38AM PDT

2021 Regionals/State forms – attached

The Regional/State forms are due back on or before Tuesday, June 29, if you don’t turn one in, we will assume your child will not swim at regionals or state, any form turned in after Tuesday, June 29, there will be a $10 late fee. Have the swimmers turn the form into their coach. (1) form per swimmer.

Coach Trent will send out instructions & open the regional entries on Tuesday, July 7th. .

Regionals are on Saturday, July 17 in Frisco

State is July 29 – August 1 in Corpus Christi (schedule is on the form)

Things are different at Regionals and State than the weekly circuit meets.

Regionals – There are (2) sessions at regionals

Session (1) ages 11 & older (meet starts at 8 AM)

Session (2) ages 10 & under (meet begins around 2 PM)

State – there are (6) sessions at the state meet in Corpus Christi (see on the form)

(1) There will be swim judges at Regionals and State

(2) Only Top 8 in each event will get awards

(3) Top 4 or 5 swimmers in each event qualify for state (Age 14 and under)

FASST is real big on putting relays together for regionals to make it to state. 70% of our kids make it to state on a relay. We do not allow any of our top swimmers to skip out on at least being on (1) relay. So are you willing to travel 8 hours for a relay, we do not put kids on relays who are not going to state. So keep in mind, we can’t change relay swimmers, if you say you are going to state, and then decide not to after regionals, then (3) other kids are going to be VERY disappointed. More information will come out on this soon. But see below for a little of our thinking, it is also on the form

Ages 5-6, only 3 events (25 back, 25 free and 100 free relay).

Ages 7-8, only 3 events (usually 2 relays and 1 individual).

Ages 9-10 can do 4 total events (usually 2 individual and 2 relays).

Ages 11-14 can do 6 events (4 individual and 2 relays). for most kids, 4 individual is to many, to rest time

Ages 15-17 can do 4 events (all swim at least 1 relay), plus some will do the mixed relays

Age 18 and older can do unlimited events.

Fees: $7.00 per event, for regionals and state – do not send money yet

Contact Coach Trent for any questions.

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