A/B/State forms - Due June 28

Posted by Trent Emmons on Jun 18 2018 at 04:49AM PDT

A/B/State forms" are due by Thursday, June 28. Is your swimmer going to “A” regionals or “B” regionals and/or state. They can not go to both “A” and “B”, only one or the other, all 15 and olders, automatically qualify for state, even if you can’t go to “A” regionals. Ages 14 and under have to go “A” regionals to qualify for state.

To make it to State (ages 14 and under), you must go to “A” regionals and finish in the top 5 in your event. To make it to “A” regionals you must have “A” times (check these times out on our wevbiste at, under the tirle A/B/State froms. Having said this, we try and take (4 or 5) relays per age group to “A” regionals, some of these swimmers do not have “A” times, but can swim on relays only. All swimmers 15 and older, automatically qualify for the state meet.

You can go to either “A” or “B” regionals, but you can NOT go to both. If you go to “B” regionals, you can’t swim any individual events that you have an “A” time for.

DO NOT CIRCLE STATE if you are not 100% sure you can make it to The Summer Games of Texas in College Station, TX. Many kids qualify for STATE on relays. We can’t change relays, once we turn them in. So if you say you can go to STATE, you must go, otherwise the other 3 kids on that relay, would then not be able to go. This causes “major heart aches” and is not fair to the other kids. We have about 40 room nights reserved for FASST families, we give this information out at “A” regionals.

The “A/B/State form must signed by a parent and turned back into the FASST file folder labeled "COMPLETED “A” and “B” forms on or before Thursday, June 28, if we do not receive the form, we will assume your child can’t make it to any of the regional or state meets. DO NOT PUT THE FORM IN YOUR PERSONAL FOLDER, WE DO NOT HAVE THE TIME TO SEARCH 500 FOLDERS EVERYDAY!

What if my swimmer makes an “A” time after June 28,, we can make the change, but only put in folder what they have qualified for by June 28th.

Coaches will decide who will swim individual events and relays for the regional and state meet, we are asking for your request, but it is only a request, again final decisions are made by the FASST coaches.

  1. of events at “A” and “B” regionals – ages 10 and under can do (3) total events. ages 11-17 can do (4) total events. The 15-17 age group can also do up to (3 mixed relays), ages 18 and older can do unlimited events. “B” regionals is for ages 14 and under, only.

Age 6 and Under, most of you can qualify for State on a 6 and under relay, most teams don’t have enough 6 and unders for a relay.

Coach Trent

Sessions for the 2018 State games of Texas A&M Natatorium, 797 Olsen Blvd., College Station, TX

Thursday, 7/26:
Session 1: Girls 11-14 – 4:00pm

Friday, 7/27:
Session 2: Boys 9/10 and 15/17 – 8:30am

Session 3: Girls 9/10 and 15/17 – 2:00pm

Saturday, 7/28:
Session 4: Men 18 & over; Boys 8 & under – 8:30am

Session 5: Women 18 & over; Girls 8 & under – 2:00p

Sunday, 7/29:
Session 6: Boys 11-14 – 9:00am


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