Welcome to the 2021 FASST Summer Swim Team

Posted by Trent Emmons on May 06 2021 at 05:47AM PDT

Welcome to the 2021 FASST Summer Swim Team – this is long, it will posted on our website.

FASST has been around for more than 40 years. We are a large swim team, the largest summer swim team in the state of Texas, even with only half the swimmers this summer, we are still the largest. But we take nothing for granted, we still give 100 percent, and we can always improve.

We have beginners, intermediate and state champion swimmers. We have fun! Life is short.

We believe that kids should do multiple sports/activities at a young age, and then age 13-14, they can pick what they like best, and really excel. We have had many college swimmers from FASST, (2) of them were college all-americans, and they both failed the 25 yard swim test, the 1st time they took it.

Our Board of Directors are as good as GOLD: Meghan Frost, Bob Bray, Ginny Lewis, Jessika Gustin, Clint McReynolds, Joel Bakian, Kay Buchanan, Kathy May, Joan Cetera. They work year round to get this team going. They volunteer so many hours for the FASST Swim Team plus many other things. Please be nice t them. Kathy May, just received the FISD teacher of the year award for Frisco ISD, her husband Kevin, a football coach at Plano Sr. High, got the Plano ISD teacher of the year a couple of years ago. The FASST BOD will do anything, to help you out.

FASST Coaches: for 2021, most swam for FASST, and now swim in college, they know the FASST way.

We are flexible: It is your money, your summer and your kid. If your have to miss a day, or family goes on a vacation, no big deal. It is summer, you only live once, enjoy those special moments with your family.

Swim meets: about 35 percent of our swimmers have never been to a swim meet. That is no problem, some join to learn to swim better, some join to get in shape, some join to help their “core strength” for other athletic events. If you have not participated in a swim meet, it is different than most sports, try and get with an experienced parent to guide you thru this.

Swim meet fees: probably $5,00 per person, includes swimmers, parents, anyone entering the the door. It use to be $3,00 per person, but all teams are losing money hosting meets. We pay around $2,500,00 – $,3000,00 to rent the pool, to host a Saturday swim meet. With less teams, at meets, equal less revenue. We will all still lose money renting a pool to host meets. NOTE: As of today this is what it is, this could still change, our region keeps changing it weekly.

Signing up for swim meets: will be done online by the parents, the deadline is 9:00 PM on the Tuesday night, the same week as the meet. For example: If the swim meet is on Saturday, June 12, the deadline to enter for the meets is Tuesday, June 8th. If you miss that deadline, you miss the meet (no exceptions). It takes (2) minutes to sign up. We will send reminders each week.

Parents in the stands for meets: yes we will have some parents in the stands (this could change), but if you volunteer, you will 100% get to see the swim meets.

Circuit/Regionals/State meets: the circuit meets are the weekly meets, Regionals is on Friday, July 16 and Saturday July 17 and the State meet (we think will happen) will be July 29th thru August 1st in Corus Christi, TX. For ages 14 and under, you have to swim and qualify for the state meet, ages 15 and older automatically qualify for state. At least this is what has happened in the past 30 years. If things change we will let you know. The state meet, each age group competes in a 4 hour meet, so you aren’t down there all 4 days, unless you have multiple kids in your family and they swim on different days. We normally have around 150 FASST swimmers each year go to the state meet in the past.

Problems/Solutions: don’t be the part of the problem, be part of the solution. We aren’t perfect, and we always try and learn to do better. This year is new for us, with all the restrictions, etc. We normally have registration in February (with the 25 yard swim test during those days), we normally have a parents meeting, we normally have spirit wear, normally our ACTIVE registration works perfectly. But this year, is different, and we are going to get thru it.

Represent Frisco and FASST in a positive way: please be nice to others, sometimes we are treated bad, I think other teams are jealous, we are the Ohio State or Alabama to some. We aren’t any better, we have always run a great program, and other towns have grown just as much as Frisco, but we have fun, we make it where most of the kids want to come back. Just be nice, and represent the City of Frisco and FASST in a positive way. Plus our FISD high school coaches are great, Bruce Eubanks whom the pool is named after, has worked with us in stroke clinics for almost 15 years. And the FASST BOD, have always worked tirelessly to promote the FASST swim team

Practices: we start the kids out in age groups and then we put them put them with kids of same ability, some lanes are beginners, some are intermediate, some are advanced. They can move up during the summer, depending on their progress. Please be there on time, and ready to go.

Parents in the Stands for practice: for right now, no parents at practices, this could change. We do not make the rules, all are made by FISD. Honestly, at the stroke clinics since September, the kids have done better without the parents. In the past, parents have formed a walking club during practice.

Safety: is our #1 goal, to keep the kids safe. They wear mask to practice and meets, get temperature checked, until we get notified they don’t. We are not 100% accident free (no sport is)…….There will be some accidents, we go over all the rules, don’t run, keep you hands to yourself, etc., etc.

Sports parenting (for any sport): please don’t be that parent who yells and screams at their kid, or others. Please don’t be that parent that talks bad about coaches or others in front of kids, this is for any sport. Please always encourage your child and others. After a meet, no matter how they did, tell them you are proud of them, you love them…………we only live once, and life is short. This isn’t the olympics.

FASST High School Volunteer Coaches – we started this program 21 years ago. If you are going in to 9th grade or already in high school and would like to be a volunteer coach get with FASST BOD member Bob Bray at The FASST high school volunteer coaches, help with practices and meets, and other things, like equipment days. They get $10 per hour volunteered, that goes into a scholarship program, and when they graduate high school, the money is sent to their college. Plus they also get the volunteer hours counted for high school. We have given almost $60,000 in scholarships to FASST high school volunteers over the years. There are certain rules, and Coach Trent or Bob Bray can explain them to you. So if your child is interested being a FASSt HS volunteer coach get with Bob soon.

Setting a rumor straight – It is true that Coach Trent has sold his house and is moving to Hot Springs, Arkansas (where is has a house), He has lived in Frisco for almost 30 years. With last year and no swimming, times were tough to have 2 mortgages and no income. Coach Trent is still the owner/head coach for FASST and will continue to be the owner/head coach. Coach Trent will move back to Frisco in a year or so when “life” gets back to normal or the “new normal”.. For this summer, Coach Trent is looking to rent a room for 8 or 9 weeks, he will be in Frisco for 3 nights week (usually Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights, attend the Saturday meets and drive back to Arkansas after the meet). If you know of anyone willing to rent him a room for the summer, please e-mail him at He has let his assistant coaches run most of the practices for the past several seasons (well not last year), and Coach Trent will be at practices a couple a days a week and all the swim meets.


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