Reminder and deadlines for this week.

Posted by Trent Emmons on Jun 08 2021 at 06:38AM PDT

Reminders and deadlines for this week (see below)

a. Register for the FASST Intra Squad swim meet this Saturday, the deadline is 9:00 PM tonight.

Swim meet Inquiry. – we have a few families not signed up yet (deadline is June 12)

1. Intra Squad Swim Meet – Saturday, June 12, 2021

Registration Deadline – on or before 9PM tonight, Tuesday, June 8th (no exceptions)

Volunteer Job Signup – we need 25 more volunteers

(this is the FASST team only swim meet)

June 12, Intra Squad “sprint” meet information

Pool Opens at 7:15 AM

Warm-ups begin at 7:30 AM

Meet begins at 8:00 AM

Meet Event sign up – Please register online at You can register to swim for the Intra Squad meet on our website at 2 different places.

(1) Click on the tab “PARENTS”, then go to “PARENT PORTAL” then click on “View meets”, then pick the meets, pick the events and hit save.

(2) We have a tab called “Meet and Volunteer Sign Up”, then click on “View meets”, then pick the meets, pick the events and hit “save”.

Please, DO NOT SIGN UP IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE THERE. We will not swim relays or the long free events at this event.

SIGN-UP to VOLUNTEER – it takes about 55 volunteers to work the intra squad meet. Please try and volunteer for at least one shift this season (concessions, ready bench, runners, timers, etc.)

· sign-up at the same location you go to sign up your child for the swim meet, it will say (Job Signup), we need to fill these spots.

  1. of Events per swimmer – all ages – can swim a maximum of (3) “individual events”. You can register for one, two or three events.

Gate fee: is $5.00 per person, this includes swimmers, parents, siblings, volunteers, etc., etc (if possible try and have correct change)

Time Line/Psyche Sheet – will not have it until probably Thursday, June 10

HEAT SHEET – cost is $3.00, this list all the events, heats and lane numbers your kid will be swimming

2. Swim Meet Inquiry for your swimmer

Please respond on or before June 12, 2021,

Please do one for each swimmer, in your family. It takes about 30 seconds to do. But we need all swimmers to do it, even the ones who are not doing any swim meets for 2021.

To do the questionnaire, please go to:

2021 Swim meet schedule

Saturday, June 5 – Carrollton

Saturday, June 12 – Frisco (Intra squad meet)

Saturday June 19 – Frisco (4 total teams)

Friday, June 25 – Carrollton (night meet)

Saturday, July 3 – no swim meet

Saturday, July 10 – Frisco (4 teams)

Saturday, July 17 – TAAF REGION 7 Championships

State is July 29-August 1 in Corpus Christi, TX. (each age group only swims 1 day) .

Ages 14 and under who want to qualify for the state meet, must swim at the regional meet.

Ages 15 and over automatically qualify for the state meet.