FASST Times 5/24/22

Posted by Trent Emmons on May 24 2022 at 11:04AM PDT

FASST Times 5/24/22 – (7) items. – this will be put on our news page at

1. FASST Practice begin on Tuesday, May 31 at the Bruce Eubanks FISD Natatorium, please have the kids in their suit and ready 10 minutes before their practice time.

2. For those who need it, we will have suit and equipment pick up on Tuesday morning from 8:30-10 AM and again in the evening from 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM n the classroom at the FISD Natatorium. For all the morning practices please pick up in the morning (8:30-10 AM), for the evening practices please pick-up in the evening (6;30-7:30 PM).

3. We are not allowing parents at practice on Tuesday and Wednesday of the 1st week. We have done this the past few years and it is easier on our coaches and swimmers. This has worked best for our swimmers, as we evaluate/assess swimmers and put them with the correct groups. We always start out with age, then move a few kids up and down, based on ability. They will be safe as we will have (8) coaches and the FISD has lifeguards.

We will do our 25 yard test during practice time for those who need the test, as most of you know, we did our registration 2 months later this year, because we did not have a pool. When we did our 2022 team registration, we did not have a pool to do a test, we have done this before.

When we do allow parents back on Thursday, parents will be in the stands, at no time during any practice will parents be allowed on the pool deck, (this is coaches and swimmers only).

4. Many kids on our team do not do swim meets, in fact, about 30% of our swimmers each year do not compete at swim meets. If this is the case, we need to know before this Friday, who is not doing swim meets for 2022, please go to this page and put each swimmers name and age who will not compete at swim meets this year:

5. Our swim meet schedule is on our website at, then go to swim meet schedule. Our 1st swim meet is in Carrolton, On Saturday, June 4. It is an outdoor pool and 25 meters.

6. CARROLTON Swim meet – we will send out an invite to all FASST swimmers tonight or tomorrow with meet information, TAAF is charging $3.00 per event, new for all TAAF teams. We will have parents pay for their swimmers entries on Wednesday and Thursday in the front lobby at the FISD Natatorium. ThIs is new to us and to all the teams, not sure if when you register, if it will take your money online. If not, we will have to take it in the front lobby (cash or check only). The entry deadline will be Tuesday, May 31 at 9:00 PM (no late entries). Again, I will send out meet information later tonight or tomorrow morning (see notes below)

a – please make sure you sign-up before the deadline, they will not take any entries after 9:00 PM on Tuesday, May 31. we hear things like (thought the spouse did this, ooops I forgot until it was 9:03 PM),

b – this only take 2 minutes to do, don’t wait until the last minute.

c – it is $3.00 per event, they are not doing relays, so you can sign up for 3 total individual events.

d – you will not get a refund for missing events, FASST pays them before the meet begins with (1) check for the whole team meet entries

e – if you are new to swimming, this might be a meet to not go to, just don’t want them to go and it be a bad experience. If you do go, maybe pick free and back. We will host a meet at Frisco the next week on June 11

f – it is outdoor pool and water could be a little cold

g – you must wear FASST swim suit at all meets, you do not have to wear a swim cap, but if you do it must be a FASST swim cap.

h – if you have any questions, please call Coach Trent at 214-335-8081

7. All circuit swim meets will have a deadline of Tuesday at 9:00 PM, the same week of that swim meet, see on our website under “Deadlines for signing up for meets”. The only one that might be different, will be the Friday meet on June 17 at Denison, we do not know of yet, if it will be be a Monday or Tuesday, but we will let you know.

Coach Trent 214-335-8081 – call if you need me on anything. We are here for your kids.


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