FASST Times 4/26/24

Posted by Frisco Amateur Summer Swim Team on Apr 26 2024 at 05:22AM PDT

FASST Times 4/26/24 – May Stroke Clinic, Meet Schedule, Equipment, etc

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1. May Stroke Clinics – begins on Wednesday, May 31st. As of now, there are openings for both sessions, so register soon before it fills up. Cost is $99 per swimmer (NO REFUNDS FOR STROKE CLINICS. Stroke Clinics are on Mondays and Wednesday at the FISD Natatorium

Session 1 – 7:00 PM – 7:45 PM (ages 5-11)

Session 2 – 7:45 PM – 8:30 PM (ages 11-17)

2. Equipment required for FASST (stroke clinics and/or summer swim team) – fins – $30, goggles – $15, kick board – $25. If you would like to get them from us, please order before 10:00 PM this Sunday, April 28th. All equipment, plus suits and t-shirts will be available to pick up the 1st practice on May 28th (please arrive 30 minutes to (1) hour before your practice time on May 28th)

We also have team t-shirts and team swim suits. They are not mandatory, unless you are swimming in a meet, you must have a team suit, we also have team caps – $10, they are not mandatory unless you use them in a swim meet.

T-shirts – $15 (youth medium, youth large, adult small, adult medium, and Adult Large and XL.,

swim suits – $50 (please put in waist size in inches) and fins (put in shoe size, again please help us with sizes.

To order equipment or shirts/suits, etc, go to this link. link:

Again – Please order before 10:00 PM this Sunday, April 28th

If you came to our Equipment fitting day on April 6th, and ordered something and we did not have it, you do not need to add your information to the link above. We will have it on the 1ast day of practice (most of it was fins, kick boards and team shirts)

3. Meet schedule – what I have below is not official, just my guess, they will send us the official meet schedule next week. But if I was guessing, it would be what I have below. VOLUNTEERS – We will need all families to volunteer for a least one shift during the summer ,when we host a meet (timer, runner, concessions, volunteer table, etc). You can “not” have a meet and “not” have volunteers (it is for the kids)

Sat, June 1 – at Carrollton

Sat, June 8 – at FISD Natatorium – hosted by FASST

Sat, June 15 – at FISD Natatorium – hosted by FASST

Sat, June 22 – no meet at this time

Friday, June 28 – at Carrollton

Sat, July 6 – at Grand Prairie or Mesquite

Sat, July 13 – Regionals at The Colony – hosted by FASST

July 25-28 – State at Brownsville, TX

Meets – it is $4.00 per event, for swimmers and $5.00 gate fee per person for all non-swimmers

State meet (2025 & 2026) the state meet will return to Texas A&M

4. Not going to meets – about 30% of our swimmers do not attend meets. This is okay, if your swimmers are “not” going to swim meets, it is your summer, your money and your kid. However, please put it down on this page so we will know who is not doing meets (see below)

5. Practice Times – at the FISD Natatorium.

Mornings – 10:00 AM or 11:00 AM Evenings – 5:30 PM or 6:30 PM

for each practice time, we start out with ages and then move kids around by ability.

We began practice on Tuesday, May 28. Whatever practice time you pick, will be your practice time for the summer. We can not switch times during the season, all lanes will be full for all the practice times. We assume everyone has signed up for a practice time. If not, please do so ASAP at:


1. Does my kid have to be at every practice? No, they will not be in trouble if they miss practices.

2. What is the FASST philosophy? As far as swimming – we try and work on proper stroke technique, we do not swim a lot of yardage and we like to have fun. As far as life – It is your kid, your summer and your money. You only live once, and family time, vacation time, etc are very important. The more they practice, the better they will get. All kids/adults need to learn to swim, it is a lifelong sport. Not saying hey have to swim high school or college, but if they are at a lake, a neighborhood pool, etc. It is important to know how to swim.

3. Should my swimmer only do swimming as a sport? We believe that young kids ought to try many sports and activities, as they get older they can narrow it down to the ones they like. Too many kids are one sport specialist only, the “burn out rate” is very high. College coaches like kids who have participated in several sports (help prevent injuries and works different muscles).

4. What is my job as a parent of any sport? To support and love your kid, no matter what. Get them to practice on time, volunteer at meets, be a positive role model, don’t put down other kids, parents or coaches.

5. What should I “not do” as a parent? Do not belittle them based on performance or compare them to other kids. Do “not” yell at them during practice or meets, or the car ride home. Do “not” talk bad about other kids, families or coaches.

6. Has any FASST swimmers made it to college to swim? Yes, we have had more than 100 FASST swimmers swim in college (University of Texas, Alabama, Texas A&M, Army, Air Force, LSU, Duke, Boston College, Henderson State, etc). We have also had (2) swimmers make it to the Olympic Trials.

7. Is FASST that good that you are a summer team, and that many kids swam in college? No, most of the kids began with FASST and after age 12, 13 or 14 they went to swim club swimming. However, we have had a few that only swam FASST and swam in college.

8. Should I put my swimmers name on their equipment? Absolutely, we need their names on fins and kick boards, we have equipment left at the pool after each practice. We don’t need for parents to have to purchase equipment over and over, it gets expensive.

9. No parents are allowed on deck during practice – if you have younger children, you can go down and help them get on fins, goggles, etc. But when practice time begins, all parents need to be in the stands.

10. Do you offer “private lessons”? some of our coaches will do “private lessons” during the summer, We will send out information in a week or so.

11. What programs does FASST offer? we offer (3) programs. (1) Monthly stroke clinics during the school year (September thru May) – 2 nights a week; (2) Summer swim team (end of May thru July) and (3) private lesson during the summer.

If you have any questions, please contact Coach Trent at 214-335-8081. We are here for the kids, they are our NUMBER ONE priority.