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17th Annual FASST FUNDraiser
Tuesday June 26th, 2018
GOAL: $15,000

This information is on our website in 2 places:
(1) A tab called 17th Annual FASST FUNDraiser
(2) Under the PARENT tab, a tab called FASST FUNDraiser

You can donate to FASST one of two ways: as always we want every team member to participate.

1) Flat Donation

2) Pledges – on June 26, 2018 your swimmer earns money for their team by swimming lengths of the pool for a period of one hour. Swimmers can collect pledges per lap from family, friends and businesses. For example, if you receive a pledge for $0.50 per lap and you swim 70 laps, the swimmer would collect $35.

Your help and support of this program will truly make a difference in the lives of our FASST swimmers. Every dollar raised will benefit our athletes and volunteer coaches directly. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact a member of the FASST Booster Club Board of Directors. Thank you for your donation!

Prizes will be given out at $20, $40 and $75 increments for money raised. Visit the front tables on MONDAYS to collect your prizes once donations have been received! Prizes include toy fish, diving toys and swim inflatables. ALL SWIMMERS must participate in the fundraiser!

Copy and Paste This for your Family and Friends:


Dear _______________________________________________,

I am helping my swim team, Frisco Amateur Summer Swim Team (FASST), build a stronger team and I am asking for your support. FASST has made a huge difference in my life. Through swimming, I have learned the power of discipline, teamwork, and setting goals. I especially enjoy the fun that comes when all three of these traits are encouraged by great coaches. Our Coaches at FASST make swimming more than just exercise. They make swimming an activity that builds character for life. FASST is Frisco’s community swim team with over 20 years of history in Frisco. Our team has a reputation of qualifying for the State swim tournament many years in a row and usually finishes in the top 3 at the state meet! That is why I am swimming in the FASST FUNDraiser on June 26, 2018. In 1 hour, I will try to swim _____ laps! That is a lot of swimming, but it’s all for a great cause – continuing our success as a swim team, and supporting our teams programs including funding many scholarships for our amazing high school volunteer coaches. Your pledge will help me meet my goal of $__________ and help FASST raise $15,000 towards a stronger future. The easiest way for you to make a contribution is go online to:

It is a secure website where you can donate any amount you desire to our team. If you would rather give by check or make a pledge based on the number of laps I swim, simply use the form below and mail it back to me. Whichever way you choose to give, please know you are giving to an organization that has made a huge difference in my life.

Thank you for helping me to reach my goal!

(Cut on line and return form below.)

Dear_________________________________________ (swimmer’s name), YES! I will donate:

$0.10/lap _____$0.20/lap ____$0.50/lap ____$1.00/lap $______/lap

or…I have enclosed a check for a fixed donation in the amount of:

$25 ______$50 _______$100 Other: $______________________

Check# ___________

Donor Name:_____________________________________________

Make Checks Payable to FASST Booster Club

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2018 FASST Parent Meeting - April 12th

Posted by Trent Emmons at Apr 7, 2018 4:48AM PDT

FASST Mandatory “New Parents Meeting” is Thursday, April 12th at Staley Middle School. 6927 Stadium Lane, Frisco, TX 75033, near the natatorium.

From 6:00 PM till 7:20 PM, you can pick up “suits/t-shirts” if you have been sized. You can also purchase (fins – $25, goggles – $15, and swim caps – $10) We will also do sizing for suits/shirts from 6 PM – 7:30 PM. Any Spirit wear ordered online before March 23, can be picked up at the parents meeting. A tip, please try and show up early, otherwise we will have a bottle neck at 7:00 PM.

This will be the last night to order “spirit wear”.  

7:30 PM the “new parent” meeting begins, we will discuss the following topics, plus some. 

Agenda for Parents meeting……………………
1. Team Philosophy/Coaches Philosophy. 
2. Meet the FASST Board of Directors. 
3. “School Practice schedule” and sign-ups for the FASST practices for (May 21 – May 31)…. (this will be done online only, a few days after the parents meeting, at
4. “Summer Practice schedule” (June 4 – July 19) information and how to sign up for it. 
5. “Meet schedule” and how to sign up for meets for both “swimmers” and “volunteers”. 
6. This is the “last day” to order FASSTSPIRIT WEAR” (polo shirts, cheer and baseball shorts , FASST towels, visors, FASST back packs, dry-fit shirts, car decal) 
7. Volunteering for FASST.
8. FASST 101 meeting – for new parents of FASST 
9. Each family who attends our “NEW PARENT MEETING” will receive our “Award Winning” 2018 FASST “Parents Handbook” with the 2018 FASST Meet schedule, contact information, rules, expectations, etc. 

Volunteers for parents meeting 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM:  We also need High School and Adult Volunteers, you can go to our website, must be logged in, go to High School volunteers tab at the top of the website, open it up then go to FASST Parents Meeting, or e-mail Coach Trent.

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FASST TImes 3/29/18 - (7) items

Posted by Trent Emmons at Apr 7, 2018 4:34AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

FASST TImes 3/29/18 – (7) items

1. April “Stroke Clinics” is full, if you are currently on the waitlist and still want to get in for April, please contact Coach Trent at We will not add any more swimmers for April.

2. May Swim Camp is now open for registration. We offer a Mon/Wed and Tue/Thu. In May, the times are earlier than all the other months.

Session 1 – (ages 5-9) 6:45 PM – 7:30 PM

Session 2 – (ages 10-17) 7:30 Pm – 8:15 PM

Cost is $65 per swimmer, you can register online for Mon/Wed or Tu/Thu or both. Register soon, spots will go FASST.

5. We still have (18) spots on our 2018 FASST summer swim team, if you know of anyone who would like to join, have them contact Coach Trent.

6. FASST “parents meeting” will be on Thursday, April 12th at Staley Middle School (near the FISD Natatorium)

6:00 PM – 7:20 PM – get fitted and pick up suits/shirts, last day to order FASST “spirit wear”. We will also have swim caps ($10), fins ($25) and goggles ($15) for sale.

7:30 PM 8:10 PM – FASST parents meeting. We will go over all details of summer swim team including: practices and meets (how to register for them), expectations for your swimmer, plus many more topics.

VOLUNTEERS – we need High School and Adult Volunteers to help with the Parents meeting. We will arrive at Staley at 5:00 PM to set up for the meeting, if you are interested, please contact Coach Trent.

7. Equipment required for FASST swim team: goggles and fins.

If you have any questions, please reply to:

2019 Registration

Posted by Frisco Amateur Summer Swim Team at Jan 26, 2018 12:03PM PST

Registering for the FASST 2019 Summer Swim Team (see below):

To register for the FASST 2019 Summer Swim Team, in no particular order:

Set-up an account, pay and register online, you can do this on the home page under “Register Now”
Any new swimmer to FASST must do a 25 yard swim test (if you have swam on a team before, get with Coach Trent).

2019 FASST Summer Swim Team Registration/Tryouts information.

2019 FASST Summer Swim Team Registration/Tryout Dates – to do 25 yards swim test go to FISD Natatorium, then everyone needs to go to the fitting at the Frisco First United Methodist Church. You do not need to do a swim test, if you have been on FASST before or have attend our stroke clinics.

Saturday, February 9th from 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM (swim test at FISD Natatorium, suit/shirt fitting at Frisco United Methodist Church)

Saturday, February 23rd from 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM (swim test at FISD Natatorium, suit/shirt fitting at Frisco United Methodist Church)

All swimmers, regardless of pre-registering or doing swim test will need to come to the First United Methodist Church to get fitted for suits/shirts, they will also have practice equipment (fins, goggles, baack packs, etc) for sale. There will also be a FASST “Spirit Wear” table.

FASST swim team suits/shirts, equipment and “spirit wear” will be held at the Frisco First United Methodist Church, 10500 Preston Rd, Frisco, TX 75033 (across the street from Krogers)

To get registered, in no particular order:

You must come to one of our Registration Days on February 9th and 23rd (see above for more information)
Set-up an account, pay and register online, you can do this on the “home page”
Any new swimmer to FASST must do a 25 yard swim test (if you have swam on a team before, get with Coach Trent).
Swim test are held at FISD pool on Saturday February 9th and 23rd from 8:30 AM – 11:00 AM
or you have a 2nd option at 7:30 PM (Monday’s and Wednesday’s) at the Bruce Eubanks/FISD Natatorium, (unless FISD is closed), please arrive before/around 7:20 PM.
All new swimmers will need to do the following:

Bring your suit, towel and goggles
All new swimmers to have to take the swim test (swim 25 yards unassisted)
If you PRE-REGISTERED, or were on the team last year, or have been in stroke clinics (any month September , October, November, December, January or February – you don’t need to do the swim test) go straight to Frisco First United Methodist Church (Preston Road – across the street from Kroger’s) to get fitted for suits, shirt, spirit wear, etc., etc.

Cost for youth ages 5- 17: $300 per swimmer.

Your fee includes: Team swim suit, all practices and meet event fees. (Not meet gate fees)

Equipment required for practices: swim suit (one piece for girls), Goggles and Fins.

We have 6 circuit meets and then regionals championships and state. Most swimmer swim 2 or 3 individual events at the circuit meets, and 1 relay. At Regionals and State, it is different, (5/6) years olds do 25 back, 25 free and 1 free relay. (Ages 7-10) usually do 1 individual and 2 relays, (ages 11 and up) 2 individual and 2 relays.

Cost for masters ages 18 and older: $75 per master swimmer.

Your fee includes: T-shirt and all circuit meet fees.

We do not provide practice time or meet fee’s for the regional or state swim meet. We had about 35 master swimmers on our 2018 FASST swim team.

If you are age 12 and younger and are currently on a USA swim team, and would like to swim for FASST in 2019, you can not swim with the USA team after December, 31st, 2018.

If you are age 13 and older you can swim FASST and year-round.

FASST now accepts credit cards for spirit wear, there will be 3% surcharge per transaction, but we now take plastic!

Coach Trent “Swim FASST or be LAST”!

for more information Click Here

Welcome to FASST

Posted by Frisco Amateur Summer Swim Team at Jan 23, 2018 6:41AM PST

Welcome to Frisco Amateur Summer Swim Team’s new website!